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E.O. Wilson’s First Novel

From The New York Times:

BOOKS OF THE TIMES: Life Lessons, Taught by Insects

E. O. Wilson’s first novel — a tale of nature, the South and a young man’s struggle to save an ecosystem — suggests a parallel between ant and human societies.

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The Great Issues Forum Presents “Religion and Evolution”

Evolutionary Biologist named VP for Science Education

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute today announced that Sean Carroll, an award-winning scientist, author, and educator, will become the Institute’s vice president for science education.

Carroll will be responsible for directing HHMI’s portfolio of science education activities when he succeeds Peter J. Bruns in September. Bruns, a geneticist and former Cornell University faculty member, announced his retirement last year after nine years in the post.

Individualistic Animals?

From The New York Times:

BASICS: Even Among Animals: Leaders, Followers and Schmoozers

Researchers are on the hunt for what makes an animal an individual.